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At Puma Aviation, we draw on our strengths and standing as a global energy company with integrated midstream and downstream operations across five continents to refuel aircraft on time without incident, keeping safety at the heart of everything we do.

Puma Aviation in numbers

Puma Aviation is part of the Joint Inspection Group (JIG), and we are a member of the IATA fuel group.


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Turkish Airlines

The biggest challenge in aviation is that we have multiple locations and one supplier, which means there’s no supply competition and uncontrollable prices. In some regions there is unsustainable supply. We’ve overcome these issues by working with Puma Aviation. We understand and trust each other.

Ali Vahap Nane Fuel Manager, Turkish Airlines

Fuelplus Group

Our working relationship with Puma Aviation has been great. They are very professional and efficient, and have worked closely with us to help us understand and overcome the collaboration challenges the fuel supply chain industry faces. With Puma Aviation we’ve built a whole new platform to solve this problem.

Michael Charalambous CMO and Head of Product Strategy, FuelPlus Group

CITA Petroleum

Our new partnership with Puma Aviation is going to help solve the jet fuel supply problem in Nigeria. Together we’re going to create a seamless supply structure from the refinery, to the coast of Nigeria, to the wing tip. Puma Energy helps customers to secure energy, efficiently.

Olasimbo Betiku COO, CITA Petroleum