When the Myanmar Government decided to improve the country’s aviation fuelling sector as part of opening up the country to tourism and new business investment after decades of isolation, Puma Energy was selected as their partner following a highly competitive international tender process.

Working with the state-owned fuel company, MPPE, we set up NEPAS, and this joint venture is now responsible for importing and distributing all aviation fuel in Myanmar, as well as for into-plane fuelling and marketing of aviation-related petroleum products at all 11 airports across the country.

NEPAS also fuels government customers not fuelling at public airports and supplies avgas and aviation lubricants. As part of the deal, Puma Energy committed to upgrading all of Myanmar’s aging fuelling assets at the country’s airports to meet international standards for quality and performance.

The IATA and Joint Inspection Group (JIG) now certify Myanmar Airports as “Green” facilities, meaning that all operations have achieved IATA/JIG standards.

Under Puma Energy’s construction and operational management, NEPAS has also upgraded all Myanmar’s jet fuel infrastructure, including storage depots, jetties, pipelines and airport facilities.

A further major investment has been made in nine jet fuel tankers to replace the previous ageing fleet that had been prone to breakdowns, rusting and calibration issues.

These new state-of-the-art vehicles were among the first to carry the Puma Energy logo throughout the Yangon region, signalling the significant part we are playing in fuelling the country’s growing economy.